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Published: 23rd April 2006
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Selling has changed. What worked 20-30 years ago no longer works.

The problem is that most sales trainers are clinging onto outdated methods and ideologies. Unknowingly much of the advice they give you can actually works against you and cause untold damage to your sales efforts.

Most sales trainers want to teach you the things that work for them in their business. The problem is that what they teach was right for them, their product, in their market and when they were selling it. If you then try to use their off the shelf pre-prescribed selling system you will normally left disappointed. In most cases it would be like trying to run a marathon in shoes that do not fit you properly. This will not only be very uncomfortable and hard work but you will end up with blisters and sores. As a result you will find it very difficult to run at any where near peak performance.

By using an off the shelf pre-prescribed system you will be working a lot harder than you need to. You will be getting a much lower return on effort and results than you otherwise should. This will leave you frustrated and de-motivated. The chances of you then becoming a super star salesperson will be very slim. You will be out selling on the slow track when you really need to be selling on the fast track.

What everyone involved in sales training should be teaching you today are ways to design and effectively manage your own selling system. Only when you know how to design and build a selling system that is right for you will you be able to operate at peak performance. Maverick selling is the first ever programme developed to help you design a custom selling system that is right for you. You will learn the short-cut method to getting on the fast track.

- Understanding the importance of Systems

System development is the science part to selling. As all successful sales people know selling is a combination of science and art.
Most people work as individuals. They do not know how to use or build leverage into their selling. As a result most people have to work very hard to get average results. When they work for a day and they get paid for a day. If they stop working hard they don't get paid.

Top sales professionals on the other hand know how to build a selling system that will automate your selling. This puts leverage into your selling and allows you to achieve more with less effort. It is a bit like building a machine to print money and hence the title of this book. Your system will work for you whether you choose to work or not. This puts a tremendous amount of power into your selling. As a result your priority should be to first work hard to build a system. Then test, manage and monitor your system. Then you can sit back and enjoy the profits that your system automatically brings to you. This put your selling onto the fast track.

You will then be able to complete a months selling in under a week. You will get paid each week but for a months work. For you, you get paid for a 48 month year. Everyone else will be limited to just 12 months a year. That gives you four times the power therefore four times the earning. Imagine what you could do with four times the amount of commission? It will be like owning your own machine to print money.

Using the right system helps you to control how, why and when you should be doing things. It helps you monitor where you should be investing your time and energy for peak performance. It helps give you immediate feedback to the things that need your attention. If you fail to use a system in your selling approach you will find it very difficult to manage your time and resources effectively. You will find yourself flapping around in the wind and stand very little chance of producing predictable and consistent results. You will experience peaks and troughs; Feast and famine. You will also become average with average results and average commissions. If you are like me you want to be in the top 5%. You therefore need to be operating on the fast track. This is the easy way when you know how.

- Why develop a custom system?

Developing a system that is right for you means finding the hidden secret to smashing sales targets consistently and predictably. Finding the right system for you that will deliver incredible results with little effort and energy expended on your part. It all begins with a process of self discovery. You need to first uncover your hidden talents and abilities as well as your strengths and weaknesses.

First know yourself, your product, your company and your market. Only then can you identify what methods and procedures are going to help you achieve your goals and objectives. This may sound obvious and indeed it is. However, nearly all sales training programs neglect this fact and try to force their formulas for success upon you. They don't differentiate between you, your product, your market or your industry. It is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

Next you need to recognise that the magic is in the small things that you do different. It is in the little differences that matter, where you gain competitive advantage. In athletics a race is won or lost in a tenths of a second. In competitive selling sales are won or lost by these smallest of differences.

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